Zikhron Yaakov

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"How goodly are your tents, O Jacob, your dwelling places, O Israel!"
(BaMidbar 24:5)

Zikhron Yaakov

Zikhron Yaakov, Зихрон-Яаков. Photo:  Netzah.org (c)

Zikhron-Yaakov is one of the first Jewish settlements created in modern times.

Zikhron-Yaakov was founded in 1882 with the money of Edmond James de Rothschild. He received his name in memory of the father of Edmond James de Rothschild, James Mayer de Rothschild.

The first inhabitants of the settlement were Jews from Romania.

In Zikhron-Yaakov is the winery "Carmel Mizrahi", which is a tourist object. Tourists are also attracted to the park "Gan ha-Nadiv", also associated with the name of Baron Rothschild.

Local council ("Moatza Mekomit"):
Tel. 04-6390304, 04-6297100

The National Insurance Institute of Israel ("Bituah Leumi"):
Dagan 2
Tel. *6050, 12226050

Israeli Employment Service ("Lishkat Taasuka"):
ha-Dkalim, Pardes-Hanna-Karkur
Tel. 04-6178104

Israel Ministry of Construction and Housing:
04-6088245, 04-6088249, 04-6088250, 04-6088251

Israel Ministry of Tourism:
Yad le-Meyasdim, ha-Meyasdim
Tel. 04-9308892

City streets and attractions near the city:

Rechov haMeyasdim in Zikhron Ya'akov

Ramat Hanadiv

Zikhron Yaakov
The distance
(in straight line):

to Jerusalem - 91 km
to Tel Aviv - 57 km
to Haifa - 28 km
to Beer Sheva - 146 km


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